Our company’s original objective in 1989 was to break through the clutter and confusion of the skin care industry. The goal was to deliver a line of synergistic  skin care products that not only would employ the most advanced principles of science but incorporating only the purest, natural ingredients—an extraordinary collection based on natural essences and extracts combined with the modern miracles of biotechnology.

The Science and Research Behind Our Products:

Mango LineClinical Testing

When purchasing new products, consumers search for ingredient listings, testing information and reassurances that products are effective. A  Natural Difference not only has “safe for public use” approval on our entire product line, we also perform clinical trials at our own clinic in Florida. Every new product is testes on human for a period of six months to one year before added to our skin care line.


Gels with NatoxWe are honored to join the ranks of other major United State skin care manufactures in exporting our product line to Europe and Australia. To receive “European Union” approval, a manufacturer must be reviewed and approved by two separate government laboratories in Germany. Both laboratories analyze and test submitted products and individual ingredients with three testing formats.

  1.  Injecting bacteria into formulations to determine shelf-life

  2.  Thorough microscopic examination of all ingredients to “Safer for Public Use”  approval.

  3. Our products are constantly checked for false claims and correct ingredient  listings.

A Natural Difference was so diligent to comply with all rulings, we have been approved to export internationally. Since our European Union approval we have had tremendous export sales growth in Europe and Australia. We look forward to increased international distribution in other countries around the world.

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